Dialogue of Soul and Muse

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Keep bleeding, Heart...

Mourning Magdalen, Banshee Of The Broken Hearts

She cares for all, who died of a broken heart.
Guiding them safely to the other side, she's singing the most beautiful lovesong.
Unfortunately the living are not able to stand the cruel beauty of this unearthly sound- it would smash their drumheads.
Only the dead, loving souls are able to hear the Banshee's voice,
and so she rewards their loving hearts, showing them,
that every love is worth to be loved.


BlackCrow said...

I'm really happy to have met you through ADO.
Your work and writing is very inspiring.
Mourning Magdalen is incredible...wonderful colours!

Brigitte B. Doerner said...

Thank you so much, dear Grace!
Your words mean a lot to me, I'm also very happy, that we met!
And one day I might find this bl.... bit of code in my template, where I can make those ghost-posts visible again ;o)

Shelley Whiting said...

I really love your works. They are very haunting and cool and twisted.

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