Dialogue of Soul and Muse

Friday, September 11, 2009

Prague in September

A Gift:

The city always cares for me, is guiding me to make sure, I'm finding the places, I ought to be. Drawing me to the right place at the right time. Always.
That's, why I have to walk each and every cobblestone instead of taking the metro or the tram -  everytime, I'm there. Otherwise the magnets underneath the earth wouldn't find me.
Leaving my beloved city in a sentimental mood this time. Days full of magic and joy were about to end, and I was praying to my city for a sign to reassure me, that I'm always welcome within her ancient walls.
I sat on a bench under a tree on a very special place, just waiting for a traditional Czech marionette store around the corner to finish its lunch-break. Watching the people around me, listening to the stories these old benches are telling the one who was able to hear, it was too peaceful there, so I was about 30 minutes later than the shop was opening its door.
The moment I arrived a young Asian woman was wrapping herself into a weird looking costume - the Golem, maybe? Any tourist-animation?
Not long after I entered the store a wonderful medieval music started to play, and the freaky creature on the doorsteps began to move. Very slowly.
Heading outside with my camera, I was present at one of the most beautiful pantomimes.
A game, a dance between young and old, yin and yang, life and death, horror and joy, love and hate, man and woman took my breath away.
To win and to lose, to find and let go.
I had to fight the tears in my eyes facing that timeless, beautiful and neverending story.
Staying vulnerable enables you to embrace life to the fullest... 



About inner peace: 

The guardians of this old cemetery in my beloved city appear in a variety of guises. 
I didn't notice that, when taking the picture, but the word written on top of this tomb is "Friede", the German word for peace. Waiting silently underneath its crown of Ivy until I was ready to find it.
Is it a gate that we can simply walk through? Waiting for us patiently? Just to be discovered between the layers of heteronomy, unfulfilled dreams, fears, daily sorrows, it invites us into our personal, individual kingdom of inner peace.